Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cabela's Guidewear BOA Wading Boots

A big part of the plan in Deadwood was an opportunity to try out cool Cabela's gear that ranged from waders to rods and reels in a big variety of settings. Everything performed extremely well and was nicely suited for the fishing we did, but the thing that got my attention the most was the BOA system on my wading boots.

If you wade-fish much, you'll understand. Laces and Velcro get muddy and tattered, and it doesn't take long before they don't function as well as they should. You get halfway across a chest deep run and realize your boot has come untied and is looser than you'd like for it to be -- and there's no possible way to retie it for a while.

Cabela's Guidewear BOA Wading Boots use a really cool ratchet and wire system for snugging the boots. To tighten, you just turn the little dial like a jar lid. To release, pull out the dial. It's really that simple, and while I admittedly only have couple of days of use in these boots so far, I was definitely impressed by how well the system worked and how comfortable the boots felt.

The BOA boots don't come with felt soles, which admittedly makes me a little apprehensive about use in Southern Appalachian waters. They come with lugged vibram rubber soles and cleats that can be added. I need to install the cleats and give the cleated sole a fair chance in local streams. With more and more states banning felt, I'm going to have to learn to learn to walk on slick rocks without it. At least I know I won't trip over my shoelaces or step out of a loose shoe!

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