Thursday, June 19, 2014

Slow Going

Today's the sort of day that makes me appreciate smooth travel days. That's not a complaint about today because it's no one's fault. Big storms just hit the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport area at exactly the wrong tome, so I got to spend a few bonus hours in an airplane on a runway in Fargo, ND. We're flying again now.

Delta did rebook the connecting flight I missed, with me not having to do anything more than accept the new flight with a tap of my phone screen. That was cool. And assuming no further delays I'm supposed to get to Green Bay by mid-afternoon, which means I should be to Sturgeon Bay by dinnertime.

While I was still in Atlanta this morning, I saw some pictures posted by Capt. Bret Alexander, one of the Sturgeon Bay guides, and they have been catching some giant walleyes and smallmouths in the last couple of days. I'm ready to join the fun.

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