Friday, July 18, 2014

ICAST Friday

The ICAST show is always substantially slower on Friday than on the first two days, with a lot of buyers, media and folks in the booths having finished their business and started toward home. It's a good day to look at stuff in less crowded booths. It's sometimes a bad day to visit people because the person who deals with media often has gone home.

Today is my day to walk the floor and really look around. I've been part of the FLW live coverage team, focusing on rods and line, so I've sort of had to keep tunnel vision in order to get my part done. Today I take off the blinders and can take in everything, so maybe I'll get a few more photos or notes posted as I roam.

If you haven't checked out the FLW coverage, by the way, be sure to do so. The web crew has worked steadily to keep the page really fresh with photos, videos and loads of information about all the new products and cool stuff happening at the show.

Time to head that way for the final day!

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