Thursday, July 31, 2014

I've Fished Everywhere, Man. I've Fished Everywhere

Deadwood, South Dakota; Buffalo, New York; El Salto, Mexico, Bartow, Florida...

OK. I haven't fished everywhere. It sort of feels like it, though. I've been running a lot since the first of the year, especially for the past few months, and have gotten to fish in a huge variety of settings for  many different kinds of fish. Best I can recall, I've caught fish in 13 U.S. states, plus Mexico, so far this year. The current species tally stands at 23.

Excepting a trip to South Carolina to cover the Forrest Wood Cup in a couple of weeks, I have no travel plans through the end of August. That could change, but it's OK with me as it doesn't. As much as I enjoy fishing other places, I sure miss being home when the trips come one after another. Plus, I don't get to spend much time fishing around here. If plans stay as they are, I'll likely slip out several days to fish trout waters in Georgia or the Carolinas, local ponds and maybe a big lake or two with a local fisherman.

Plans change quickly when opportunities arise, though, so I won't make any bold statements about where I will or won't be fishing over the next few weeks.

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