Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Boat Ride

"This is the hardest rain I've ever seen," James Hall announced to his GoPro, which was likewise getting pounded with sheets of sideways rain.

I couldn't argue. I'm pretty sure I've never been wetter (even submerged), and the rain came so hard at times that it stung my skin. Adding drama, crosswind-formed waves kept the boat rocking, lightning flashed around us and the combination of the rain and the low cloud we were in made it seriously tough to see. Plus, we were deep in Sierra Madre Mountains on a wild and remote lake.

Our guide calmly persisted as we gritted our teeth, ducked our heads and laughed at the situation for lack of anything else that could be done. I'm not sure what our guide was thinking because he didn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish.  James speaks some Spanish -- enough to communicate as needed while calmly fishing. But given the situation, all we really could do was hang on and trust the man who was steering the craft knew which direction it should be pointed.

We had noticed the clouds gathering and felt the rain start. It looked like it would pass, though, and none of us minded getting wet. Plus we were fishing Lake Pichachos, Mexico's newest bass lake, and we only had a few hours that afternoon and a couple of hours the next morning to fish. We really didn't want to cut it any shorter than was necessary. By the time we knew the rain had set in to stay and we'd better get moving, it was coming down as hard as rain cold fall, and under those conditions, we were a good 20 minutes ride from where we needed to be.

By the time we got back, the lightning was notably closer and more frequent. The rain subsided a bit at the end, but we actually kind of missed it because it was a warm rain and the wind was cold on soaked clothes. The adventure continued with a truck getting stuck on a newly cut and rain drenched dirt road and us climbing the hill on foot in nearly complete darkness. We made it out safely, and having done so, I have to admit that I'm glad for the storm. It was an adventure I won't quickly forget.

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