Thursday, July 24, 2014

Unplanned Swim

I still don't know how it happened. I've spent hundreds of hours in canoes, and the only two other times I ever flipped were in rivers: one caused by a strainer, the other by a high rock in a rapid. Yesterday I was on the pond and had just gotten in. I'd walked through the center of the boat to the back seat and sat down with no issues. The canoe wasn't partly grounded, and I wasn't standing or leaning for anything. Somehow my weight just shifted and everything went all at once. Next thing I knew it, I was standing next to an upside-down canoe, shoulder deep, and soaked from head down, still wearing my hat and glasses.

The good news is that I had taken out my phone and the little button gizmo for my keys (admittedly because I was bringing my 9-year-old out with me). Also, it's July, so neither the pond nor the air was cold, and Asher hadn't even gotten in yet, so two of us didn't get soaked. I'm also thankful that the only cameras I had with me were my waterproof point-and-shoot and a couple of GoPros, in their cases. (Too bad the GoPro wasn't mounted on the side of the canoe and running.)

The bad news is that I snapped two rods (including one I was particularly fond of) right in the center. I had to fish them out of the lake, so my best guess is that I stepped on them when I first found solid footing.

I did get back on the horse, so to speak. I found another rod I could use, and we still made one lap around the pond. We only caught one fish, but one is better than none. For Asher, I'm guessing it will be one of his most memorable pond outings, even with only one fish having been caught!

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