Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One & Done Rainbow

First trout of the morning, a rainbow, came on the morning's fourth cast, and I got two more hits from the same pool -- an overfished, featureless hole that normally doesn't produce much. Good prospects for the day's action, one would think.

One would think.

At day's end, we visited the same pool one final time, and had high hopes that I could catch one more and double my day's catch. Didn't happen. I did have plenty of other opportunities with fish that hit, and the friend I fished with caught a handful of fish through the day. For some reason, I just couldn't quite connect. The fish were there and hitting my lures. I just couldn't catch 'em.

That's OK. I had a great time sharing a beautiful mountain stream with a friend and doing my best to outwit a fish. If plans remain unchanged, I'll get another chance on another stream on Friday.

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