Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trading Places

"Hey. You're fishing for bass, and I'm fishing for bream," Nathaniel observed as we worked our along a pond bank, with me popping a Zell Pop and him swimming a micro jig.

In a way that's not unusual. When we fish ponds together, we often both have a bass rod and a bream rod rigged, and it's not uncommon for both of us to be casting for whatever is biting best or trading bass for bream rod from one cast to another. And with both spend time throwing things like Rebel Crickhopper and smallish grubs that appeal to the pond's bass and bluegills .

That said, the old guy definitely is the 'gill getter of the pair and the one who will stick with throwing little stuff. The young guy is the bass fisherman. So for me to be casting for bass and him for bream (for more than a few casts) really is a bit odd and warranted comment.

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