Monday, October 27, 2014

Back in the Saddle

If you peek at this page from time to time, I want to first say thank you for each visit. If you've stopped in anytime within the past week and have seen the same post parked at the top, I apologize. I try to add fresh blogs daily. At times it's every other day, and either travels or major time restrictions sometime put me out of touch for a few days. It's pretty rare for nothing to show up for more than a week.

The major cause has been an ugly bug (and no I don't mean Ugly Bug, as in the jigs I tie) that has been going through my house and that had me pretty much out of commission last week and continues to have our household somewhat out of whack. I won't grumble much because we all get sick from time to time, but it took everything in me to squeeze out the work that absolutely had to get done last week, and I never got to thinking much about the blog, beyond a gnawing awareness that the page was growing stale.

Maybe the only thing worse than not blogging for a week is returning with a post that doesn't say much of anything. By theory, though, this is only the beginning of a week of restored activity on the Jeff Samsel Fishing blog.

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