Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pleasant Change of Plans

The plan this morning was to fish a section of delayed harvest trout waters on Big Snowbird Creek that I'd never before seen. I knew trout would be very well stocked this early in the release-only season, and I'd heard a paralleling gravel road provided plenty of places to get in and out of the creek.

A rainy morning I assumed would be a good thing because it would lessen crowds in waters I expected to be very popular on a Saturday. As it turned out the rain made mush out of a freshly graded road that was actually dirt, not gravel, and with my gocart (Ford Fiesta) I dared not try to make it to the delayed harvest section.

We were to the stream, though, and wanted to fish, so I pulled over when I could and we stepped into hatchery supported waters that probably hadn't been stocked for more than a month.

It started slow, and we wondered at first if we were among fish at all, and when Nathaniel caught a brook trout after 15 or 20 minutes we felt like we'd found success. When he caught another on the next cast, hope grew that we'd find more.

As it turned out we caught quite a few more. By our best tally we caught 19 trout, including two really nice rainbows that Nathaniel caught. Maybe the best part, though, was that the many trucks that came up the dirt road all went right past us to the delayed harvest section, so we fished through about 3/4 mile of stream and never crossed paths with another angler.

I don't know what we would have caught had we gotten to where I'd meant to, but I can't imagine it would have been a better day.

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