Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Expecting a Rockin' River

The good news is the Nantahala shouldn't be crowded be too crowded today, which is rare this early in the delayed harvest season. The bad news is that the river could be pretty well blown out. It looks like a lot of rain fell overnight (and continues falling) in western North Carolina, which is going to create a serious surge in the steep-sided river.

A certain amount of surging is a good thing.  Elevated flows and a bit of stain cause the fish to become less cautious and to go into ambush mode, generally from predictable places. Too much, though, and they all find rocks to hide under and hold tight, and it becomes difficult to wade and to make decent lure presentations.

I'm fairly certain we'll use bigger, bolder baits than originally anticipated, and that the smallest ultralight rods with the 4-pound-test on them will be untouched.

We leave to cross the mountains soon, so we'll find out in a couple of hours!

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