Friday, October 31, 2014

Southern Appalachian Snow?

Word is that we have a 30-percent chance of some snow falling overnight in North Georgia and the just uphill of here, in the North Carolina and Tennessee mountains, a foot of snow could fall between now and tomorrow morning. I was just up that way two days ago, fishing with no coat on and with vibrant autumn colors in the background!

It's hard to say what will really materialize, and I don't know if snow on the eve of November says anything at all about what's ahead, winter-wise. I just know it's awfully early for snow to even be in the weatherman's conversations in this part of the world.

Of course, I also noticed a while ago on the national map that the temperature at the time in North Dakota was 14 degrees, and I recall Deadwood, South Dakota getting significant snow a few weeks ago. Given those realities, the idea of overnight lows around freezing and a bit of snow that wouldn't even last doesn't sound so bad.

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