Friday, October 17, 2014

Trout Itch Worse

Big Snowbird Creek, near Robbinsville, N.C.
You know how when you scratch an itch it only gets itchier? Of course you do. Well. It would seem an itch to fish for trout is much the same way.

Last week's trip to western North Carolina included three marvelous days on the Nantahala River and Big Snowbird Creek. With the weather cooling a bit, leaves changing and North Carolina's delayed harvest season opening, I had been itching to get in a stream and to catch some trout. Those waters were soothing, while I was standing in them. However, the itch has been worse than ever this week as I've been sitting at the computer, writing fish stories, and I keep finding myself wading up stream in daydreams. Some streams are nearby and very familiar. Others are legendary waters much farther from home that I've never seen with my own eyes.

At the risk of making things even worse, I really need to get back in a stream next week, if not this weekend!

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