Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter Travels

When I planned mid-November travels to Alabama, I envisioned a late autumn sort of trip. I anticipated cold mornings, but it looks like I'm heading full force into winter. That's not a complaint. I'll never grumble about fishing and writing fish stories for a living. I just think it's interesting.

At the moment it's 41 degrees and raining in Rogersville, Alabama, which is where I'm headed, and there's a winter weather advisory in effect. Seems there could be a spits of snow tomorrow morning, and lows for the next couple of days are forecast to be in the low 20s, with strong northwest winds.

I'm well packed for the weather. In fact, seems every time I look at an amended forecast I add another layer of clothes to the pile. I haven't gone as far as grabbing the ice-fishing suit (yet).

It will be interesting to see what the fish think about the weather. Keep an eye out for reports.

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