Monday, December 15, 2014

Travel Ready

Well. The first leg went smoothly. Ninety-six miles from home to ATL, plus parking, check-in and security, and as of now flight number one appears to be ontime. I'd never flown with a fishfinder, and that was seamless in security.

In an hour or so I fly to MSP. Third leg is from Minneapolis to the Bemidji, Minn. regional airport, and then I drive another 45 minutes or so.

Travel is a bit of a task, but I do like traveling to Minnesota. I was born there, so maybe it's in my blood, but admit to being somewhat of a Northwoodsman wannabe. I can't travel north during the winter without at least starting the Viking beard and sporting the Duluth Trading Company plaid flannel.

Obviously I like the fishing itself in Minnesota. It goes well beyond that, though. I like the whole fishing culture that saturates northern Minnesota. If seems like most people there fish some, and even if they don't, they can talk fishing,.and they seem to appreciate the traveling anglers who feed the economy.

I also like cool little bait shops, woodland lakes, snow and ice.

I even like the cold, but I suppose that's easier to say when you can get on a plane and return to Georgia at the end of the week!

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