Monday, January 12, 2015

Boys Went Bass Hunting

After a pretty cold snap for Georgia, today has been damp but surprisingly mild, and the trend appears to be toward warming for a few days. I've thought since early this morning that it would be a good day to be fishing, but upcoming travel plans and stuff due suggested that I should stay here and write fish stories.

I'll have to settle for fishing vicariously through Nathaniel and Asher. They announced an hour or so ago that they were headed to the pond for a while, and soon after they were pulling out in Nathaniel's truck. We do a lot of vertical fishing for bluegills this time of year and typically do pretty well with that approach. However, Nathaniel said that he and Asher intended to cast for bass today. I know he mentioned a shaky head. I don't recall what else he planned to try.

So far no phone pictures have shown up in texts, but I'm eager to get a report. Maybe they'll accomplish enough that I'll have a whole story to share in a blog tomorrow.

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