Saturday, January 17, 2015

Complicated Packing

My next two fishing trips are to Pennsylvania to ice fish for crappie and various other species and to Missouri to fish for trout on Lake Taneycomo. Consecutive trips that are dissimilar in character happen a fair amount for me, and I'm used to those. What complicates these trips is that they are aren't quite back-to-back, but they are close enough to one another, date-wise, that going home between trips kind of doesn't make sense. Geography doesn't help either. They are neither near one another, so it would be obvious that I should stay in the area, nor in the opposite direction where home is in between anyway. Instead, home and the two locations make a giant triangle.

As of now, I remain undecided about whether to just link trips and fill the days in-between with other fishing or drive home for a couple of days. One giant trip is my leaning today, but it might be different tomorrow. However, if I want to make that an option, I need to tote along stuff for both trips and enough clothes to last me a week and a half. So today, along with filling a duffel very full with a big variety of stuff, I've been gathering everything from ice gear to trout fishing waders. Because the trips are so different in character and gear needs, the car will likely look like it's packed for a month of travel.

Of course any time I'm packing, even for a single trip, I wonder what important thing I will forget. And naturally I figure it out about the time I need it. Two trips in one equals twice that risk. I guess I'll find out eventually how good (or bad) a job I did!

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