Thursday, January 22, 2015

Erie Ice Camp Over

It's hard for me to believe that three days have already passed, but indeed we put a wrap on the second edition of Erie Ice Camp this evening after a day of catching bluegills, yellow perch and trout from Lake Pleasant. We actually spent two days on Pleasant and one on Misery Bay, which is off Presque Isle Bay. I wouldn't want to try to guess at the total number of fish caught, but it was a bunch. More importantly, from a work standpoint, I got many good photos and much fine story material, and I really appreciate Dave Lefebre and the folks at Ice Force making it happen.
I even drilled my first holes on this trip, and a Strikemaster Lazer Synthetic Ultra Lite hand auger made quick and easy work of about 8 inches of ice.
I'm actually still in PA and am not sure of my total plan. I might even find my way back to the ice before I head south. The official camp has wrapped up, though, and most of tomorrow I'll be focused on writing fish stories.

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