Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ghost Minnow Return

I have to tell you that I'm pretty excited about the return of the Rebel Tracdown Ghost Minnow. There may not be another single lure that I've caught more trout on than a Ghost Minnow in its original form, and it has been out of production for several years. The returned version is slightly modified and has enhanced new colors.

Most notably, though, it comes with barbless hooks, like some of the other lures Rebel has come out with lately. That means I can use it in barbless hook/artificial lure streams, which is important because my 10-year-old and I are making a huge western swing, the #RebelTroutTrek, this summer, and many of the best streams in much of the West allow only barbless hooks.

I admittedly got caught up in the Taneycomo jig craze today and was enjoying learning the proper technique, so I waited too long to tie on my new Ghost Minnow. I did get to see it in the water, though, and it looks great, and you can bet it's in tomorrow's starting line-up. The Ghost Minnow is a slow sinker with a tight wiggle that darts erratically when you twitch it, and it's an absolute gem for catching trout!

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