Friday, January 2, 2015

Stream Camo?

Realtree MAX-1 XT was designed for hunting
more open terrain. Photo courtesy of Realtree.
An email I received this morning delivered details about a new Realtree camo pattern. Being a fishermen, but not much of a hunter, stuff made mostly for the hunting market doesn't normally catch my eye. This one did because I immediately thought about fishing applications.

Max-1 XT was designed to blend into open more open landscapes, such as brushy areas and fields, as opposed to a deep-woods setting. Many streams I fish cut through the woods, but even when I'm working along edges, I'm rarely quite in the woods, so many traditional camo patterns would make me stand out more than they would allow me to blend into the background.

In big streams with even a hint of stream, I don't think too much about the color my clothes. For fishing clear trout and smallmouth streams, though, I try to dress in natural tones, and I definitely put a premium on stealthy movements. I work from the edges or use in-stream boulders to break my silhouette, and I try to stay low and move slowly. I don't normally go as far as dressing in camouflage, but for some extra clear streams, especially ones that don't tumble a lot or push really hard, I think the right camouflage pattern could make a substantial difference some days. And from what I see, I think the Max-1 XT might be the right camouflage.

Look for yourself at the photo above. Look at the background and the hunter and think about the streams you wade. If you agree that Realtree Max-1 XT might help you blend in better and sneak up on more fish, keep an eye out for clothes that fit your stream fishing needs that come out in this pattern.

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