Monday, February 16, 2015

Classic Weather Coaster

B.A.S.S. photo by Seigo Saito.
Nothing brings on wacky weather quite like Bassmaster Classic week. After a winter with minimal cold weather and more than a few days in the 60s, this week suddenly turned cold in the area around Lake Hartwell. Competitors donned the layers during practice and tried to figure out how the fish would adjust as early daffodils got covered with snow. With an up-and-down forecast that features more downs than ups and an outlook that probably will change again in the next few days, that's a very good question. The forecast includes single-digit lows between now and Friday, when the competition begins, and a mix of rain and frozen precipitation.

Every angler faces the same conditions, but for Casey Ashley of Donalds, South Carolina and other anglers who feel like they understand the way Lake Hartwell's bass will react to tough conditions, a bad forecast is good news. Warm stable weather and active bass all over the banks sort of make it anyone's game and probably add a bigger element of chance. Tough conditions tend to favor local knowledge.

In another few days we'll all begin learning how the fish have moved and exactly which anglers have figured out those moves. Watch here for plenty of updates.

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