Thursday, March 5, 2015


It's hard to convey or even imagine the sense of anticipation that has to hanging over Toho area campgrounds, motel parking lots, gas stations and lots near Big Toho Marina about now. The first official launch of the 2015 FLW Tour season is less than two hours away.

Some pros undoubtedly didn't sleep -- or slept very little -- as they wondered how practice finds would translate today or imagined what the season could bring. By now those same pros are likely checking tackle they've already checked five times, just to keep hands and minds occupied, maybe by flashlight in the ramp area.

Others slept soundly and are getting ready for another day at the office. Don't let the coolness fool you, though. Their excited and at least a little bit anxious as well.

Six events all have to be won by someone. Those who perform best over the course of the season will qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup, and the best of the best will take the Angler-of-the-Year title. The year's biggest story lines are all total unknowns right now, and they'll begin to unfold this weekend.

For now, though, the focus must be on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, where the full field will fish for the next two days and top performers will continue through Sunday. It's about time to decide whether to stay close or make a run and play the locking game, whether to cover water or concentrate on a spot, whether to punch mats, target spawners, throw moving baits or mix it up... So many decisions. Such large ramifications.

Several big bags will be brought to the scales this afternoon, but some pros are apt to return disappointed and trying to figure out how to regroup and salvage tomorrow. I saw a few photos of big bass from practice. I also read more than a few reports about tough practices.

I'm fairly eager for things to get started, and I'm 500 miles away and with nothing at stake. I'll keep an eye on the FLWFishing Twitter feed through the day. For now, like the anglers and folks who are on site. I can only wait and anticipate.

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