Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Liking the Lumix

Last week I mentioned ordering waterproof Panasonic Lumix camera and being eager to put it to work. Camera has since arrived and I've played with it home and even spent a day with it around my neck in a trout stream. So far, I'm delighted. The images are ultra crisp and the files plenty big for all that I do. It also has a lot of cool specialty settings that I had fun (maybe too much fun) playing with to see what they did. I also figured out the WiFi easily, and that's going to be hugely handy for so many things. Battery life was less than I'd hoped, but I bought a spare and will always have two charged at the beginning of the day.
As anticipated, it was also really nice having a good waterproof camera around Asher's neck. We got far more pictures than we otherwise would have, and he did a really good job and seemed to embrace helping with the photo end of things. Good practice for this summer's Rebel Trout Trek!

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