Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trip Planning Treasures

No guides, exclusive private waters or drift boats are part of summer's Rebel Trout Trek. By intent, Asher and I are sticking with places where any father and son or group of buddies who want to drive west can park the car and step into the stream or launch a float tube. Also, while I'm certainly seeking advice from friends who have traveled out West to fish for trout or live out that way, no one is mapping out the stream stretches we need to visit. I'm learning all I can from a host of sources and continually adapting a working plan document. The general route is planned and quite a few lodging reservations are made. Now I'm filling in details and thinking more specifically about stream sections.

The internet, of course, is an astounding resource and loaded with information. Given the choice, though, I like flipping through real pages for the more specific stuff. I also like the insights found in guidebooks written by folks who have spent countless hours fishing in a particular area. For example, I know that Gary Lewis lives in the heart of Mount Hood Country and that he's as stream-bitten as I am. Having Fishing in Mount Hood Country, the book that he and Robert H. Campbell just released, in my hands is not too much different from sitting down with them and getting advice about where Asher and I should fish when we pass through their neck of the woods.

I haven't dug too deep into the books yet, but I'll be doing so soon, and I'm confident that some of what I find in those pages will me make our days more efficient and help us catch more fish!


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