Monday, April 13, 2015

Banking on the White

Nathaniel and I arrived today at Gaston's White River Resort in the Arkansas Ozarks and are looking forward to a couple of days of fishing on the White River.

On Wednesday, we'll spend the day in a boat with a Gaston's guide, but for tomorrow, we're going it alone. My original hope had been that we could wade-fish tomorrow, but they've been running four generators all week, so wading will likely be out of the question. That's OK. That makes the big fish more aggressive and will allow us to fish jerkbaits from the shore, and I look forward to exploring the state park, the Gaston's shore and other areas to see what we're able to accomplish.

We did cast just long enough get out lures wet upon arriving today, but that was about it. I missed one rainbow trout during that time.

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  1. Nice picture! I like the depth and the mist. It was funny because when I first glanced at the picture I wondered who that man was. Then I realized it was my little brother :-).