Monday, July 27, 2015

Asher's Diligence

If you've been tracking the Rebel Trout Trek at all, I hope you've kept and eye on Asher's blog. He has posted photos and some kind of account every day since we left town one week ago, so that's a great place to learn where we've been and what we have seen.

I know all daddy crows think there little crows are the blackest, but I have to tell you that I've been hugely impressed by Asher's seriousness about his commitment to maintain his blog on this trip. He considers it his job, and works at in in the car and in the evening when we have access, and sticks with it till something is posted every night. He's likewise taken seriously his role in helping me get good photos every day we've been out and is joining in the task of finding and telling stories in every way he possibly can.

Though days are very long and we're having to spend less time in places than we like, Asher and I are having an extraordinary time working our way through the West. We've already caught a lot of fish and learned so much about ever changing landscapes as you cross the country. Friday, which we spent in Yellowstone National Park, was truly an amazing day with all the wildlife we saw between fishing stops. Asher had never seen a bison before we got to the park. Now he has seen hundreds. In the same day we also got looks at many elk, a mama black bear with two cubs, an antelope and a couple of mule deer bucks. Not to be forgotten we caught a bunch wild brook trout from a beautiful little creek. 

Today, we caught fat rainbow and brown trout from Montana's Madison River. Tomorrow we drive west again to Olympic National Park, where we'll spend three days exploring rainforests, tidal waters, mountain streams and even the Pacific Ocean. I'm reporting daily on and here as often as I can get in an update, but don't forget to check out Asher's posts!

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