Saturday, July 18, 2015

Final Preparation: Rebel Trout Trek

It's getting real now. I started this morning getting four new tires for the Fiesta, making certain it was fully travel ready, and have spent most of today packing, taking care of things around home, charging batteries, clearing SD cards, and doing other things to prepare for travel.

I can't believe six months have passed since the crazy idea about a cross-country, father/son trout trek started spinning in my head. Now it's truly upon me. The car is partly packed, and we plan to pull out of the driveway in less than 30 hours. Soon Asher and I will be driving toward Arkansas. By this time on Monday, he'll be wrapping up his first-ever afternoon at Dry Run Creek.

Dry Run crowds concern me a bit. Nathaniel and I were always able to visit during spring or fall, when school was in session, and I saw on Facebook tonight that a giant brown caught recently at Dry Run earned national acclaim. It's not a big creek, so having more than a few angles there could really limit opportunities. We'll  take what we get, though, and I'm excited for Asher just to see the stream and it's offerings.

Tomorrow we'll ready Asher a Dry Run box with all single-hook, barbless lures, and will finish packing the car. I'll also wrap up whatever work still needs to be done. Then hopefully we'll get to sleep at a pretty good hour. And speaking of sleep, I'd better go find some of that now!


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