Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bread & Bluegills

This week Asher discovered what was my favorite bait for bluegills and golden shiners when I was a boy. (I grew up in Florida.) For sheer fish-catching ability, it's tough to top a little wad of sticky bread on the point of a small hook. Asher and his three younger siblings have been having a big time catching 'gills on breadballs for the past couple of days.

Using bread as bait is as simple as it gets, and you almost certainly have the bait you need at home already, and as long as you keep the bread in a little bag so it doesn't dry up, a couple of slices will last quite a while. I like a tiny long-shank hook and bobber. Asher and his siblings have actually been just putting the bread on small jigheads, and it has worked great.

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