Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gift From Kenneth the Dog

Kenneth must have been listening at least one of those times when I told him how well his fur works for tying fish-catching jigs. When I returned from travels, I found this beautiful pile of Kenneth fur in my office. He's a humble little dude, though. When I thanked him for the tying material, he looked at me like he didn't know what I was talking about.

I mostly tie 1/32- and 1/64-ounce jigs, along with a few flies, from his fur, so that pile will last a very long time, and he looked just as fluffy as ever, so I'm pretty sure I can find more when I need it. In case you wonder about the color difference, by the way, he really does look a lot blacker than his fur does off of him. The picture shows the fur lighter than it really is and with a little different tone, but the hair itself is kind of a dark grey, while he looks black. Of course, the jigs look pretty black when they are wet. The fur also looks and feels straight on Kenneth, but it has a bit of kink to it and flairs out on jigs. That characteristic, along with its buoyancy, are keys to its effectiveness, in my opinion.

I just know that Kenneth Bugs catch fish, so I appreciate for the nice little gift he left for me.

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