Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thank You for Following

Well, Asher and returned to a wonderful welcome at home last night, having logged 8,008 miles,  fished in nine states and traveled hrough 22. Quite the adventure.

I'm very thankful for all who followed, commented and encouraged us along the way. I admittedly had a tough time keeping reports as fresh as I would have preferred on this page, but I do hope you found my daily blog on the Rebel Lures Journal page and Asher's blog, which included photos and his descriptions from every day of the trip. If not. maybe you'd like to peek back! Several also followed and responded to posts on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and Asher and I very much appreciate every comment and "like."

I still have photos and stories to share, so I'll likely have several more posts about #RebelTroutTrek discoveries and lessons on this page.

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