Thursday, September 17, 2015

High-water Flurry

High-water horns at power dams are safety warnings, and for many anglers and many types of fishing they signal the end of the day, but when Bruce Stanton and I heard the horn signaling new water from Broken Bow Dam, we believed it would be a good thing. Bruce knew a spot where we could wade safely along then edge and cast into a current that tends to hold fish, and we were both convinced that Rebel Tracdown Ghost Minnows would be the ticket.

Sure enough.

We only got the water for about 45 minutes, but during that time, we probably caught 10 fat rainbows, all of which just hammered our lures. The Ghost Minnow, though small and narrow in profile, is heavy enough that you can cast it along way way and get it down in the strong current. It also darts hard with every twitch of the rod tip, flashing color and prompting strikes.

As importantly, the Tracdown Ghost Minnow cones with barbless hooks and we were fishing in barbless-only, catch-and-release waters. I was also pretty glad for barbless hooks when all those big muscular slippery trout were flopping in nets.

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