Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dry Run Delight

I spent today at my favorite creek to NOT catch fish. You see, I don't get to fish at Dry Run Creek. It's a youth-only stream. That's exactly why I like it to much, though. This little Ozarks creek is a gem for young anglers, and it's incredibly fun for me to watch my boys catch fish.

And boy did Asher catch them today. He landed 25 trout, with fish up to about 4 pounds, and he got at least 10 almost in before they shook free. Since it was a November weekday, Asher had the whole creek to himself.

I had heard that late fall was prime time to visit Dry Run because fish from the Norfork River would pile up in the creek. Was that ever true! I've probably been there a dozen times (all but the two most recent with my older son, Nathaniel), and I've never seen more fish in the creek.

While Asher fished Dry Run and I watched, Nathaniel and our friend Caleb fished the Norfork. Tomorrow's plan is for all of us to fish the White River, but it looks like we might get a bunch of rain. We'll see!

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