Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fish Stories

With most folks gone from offices and the other end of emails, and no pressing deadlines of my own, I got a little restless at the keyboard yesterday. Plus, it was dark outside, and I felt like the trout would bite. It didn't take too much pondering of such things before I decided to grab Asher, gather a bit of junk and head for a creek.

The trout indeed cooperated and we caught them pretty well for a fairly short afternoon outing, but that might be a different blog.

What strikes me on this Thanksgiving morning is how grateful I am that I can turn off the computer and head for the creek in the middle of the day and legitimately still be doing my job. We got photos and content that I will use in stories.

I was probably Asher's age or a bit younger when started thinking about the fact that someone had to write those articles in the fishing magazines and decided I wanted to do that when I grew up. The idea that God allows me to earn a living by "writing fish stories" astounds me and makes me very thankful.

It's not just about fishing either -- although I certainly am thankful to get to fish in so many places and call it work. I'm also thankful to be able to work from home with flexible hours, to share my work and at times my travel with my family and to be creative in my work through writing and photography.

My work is ever changing, and over the past couple of decades my major workload has shifted from the magazine features I originally envisioned, to shorter magazine work, to internet stories, to social media post and other content projects. It's still writing fish stories, though, and for that I give thanks this morning.

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