Thursday, November 12, 2015


I'm riding to the Tulsa airport after a media event, with Jacob Wheeler and Mark Daniels Jr. in the row in front of me in the vehicle, and am enjoying just listening.
As they talk about soft plastic colors for various situations, new fishing techniques, home waters, tournament strategies and much more, there's just so much I can learn.
It makes me think about the general value of listening to other anglers - around boat ramps, in bait shops, at dinner... I think it's easy to get caught up wanting to tell my own fish stories instead of listening and learning. Everybody knows a little different stuff and I can learn so much by simply shutting up and paying attention.
I'm not suggesting keeping everything I know a secret. I'm always glad to answer questions or share something that might help someone else catch a fish. I just don't want to get caught up wanting to boast about what I caught or what I think I know and miss the opportunity to do some good learning.

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