Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trout Gear Loaded

Rain scheduled to come in tomorrow night suggests that tomorrow day will offer the closest thing we'll have to settled trout streams for several more days. The forecast also calls for warmer temperatures than we've had for a few days and plenty of cloud cover. All those conditions suggest tomorrow as a good day to chase trout, so that's what Asher and I intend to do.

Whether we'll catch 'em,.. well, we'll see. We're going to try,though. In fact the rods, reels, waders and tackle boxes are already in the car and the warm clothes are piled up on a table.

Local rivers are still fairly feisty from all of winter's rain, so our plan is to begin in a stretch of river where brown trout sometimes grow shoulders and too see if they are in ambush mode, given the high-water conditions.

If the river is too high for Asher and me to wade comfortably or if the trout don't cooperate, we might try a smaller stream or even a small lake. That's getting ahead of things, though. The hope is that Plan A work well and there's no need for a Plan B!

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