Friday, March 4, 2016

Classic Action Begins This Morning

Photo courtesy of B.A.S.S.

Hardly a newsflash that the Bassmaster Classic begins this morning, I know. If you're a bass fishing fan at all, your social media news feeds are likely full of posts from outdoor media sorts, companies and anglers who are in Tulsa right, and that might even include posts from Classic competitors, who are only a few hours from blasting off on day one!

I mention the Classic not in an attempt to deliver news but simply because it's on my mind this morning. I often attend the Classic in some media capacity, and if I was in Tulsa I'd likely be getting ready to drive out to the launch or even on the way. Many of my friends are there this week, either covering the event for some media outlet or working the show for some company. I've been in the boat with about 40 percent of the competitors at some point, so that familiarity certainly adds interest.

I'm content to not be there. Tulsa is a long ways from here, and I travel plenty. Also, while I certainly am a fan of professional bass fishing and enjoy being in the middle of a big event, given the choice, I'd rather spend my days away from home fishing than covering tournaments. Nevertheless, there are aspects I miss, and you can be that I'll be peeking at blogs and will track the results, and while I'll be driving to Florida on Sunday, I may end ups stopping somewhere with internet along the way to watch the final weigh-in on the computer.

If you want to track the action, visit and you'll find a host of options for following everything going on. Or you could make a last-minute call and drive to Tulsa this weekend!

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