Thursday, March 17, 2016

Double-Barrel Tour Action

A big weekend for pro bass fishing kicks off in about an hour. The B.A.S.S. Elite Series begins their season this morning on the St. Johns River while the FLW Tour starts tour stop number two on Lake Hartwell. Each has its own intrigue to me, so I'll be paying attention to both through the weekend, although I'm driving to Louisiana on Sunday, and I can't deny that I'm apt to be distracted by some seriously good Cajun cooking at Bourgeois Fishing Charters that evening! Off topic, I know. I guess I'm distracted already.

Anyway, the St. Johns tourney is more interesting than many both because it's the season opener, where this year's story lines begin being written. Plus, I was just in Florida, fishing the St. Johns, and I know how many big fish are apt to be on the flats. The water was off-colored for the area, and I don't know if it has settled, and I haven't looked at the forecast. Even if conditions turn out to be tough, though, I suspect some seriously big bags will be brought to the scales.

Meanwhile, the FLW event at Hartwell carries extra interest for me because it is so close to home. The launch they are using is about an hour from here, and parts of the lake are much closer. I haven't spent loads of time on Hartwell, but it's still pretty familiar, and it's always fun when a big event is happening so close to home. The weather has been warm, and I've seen photos of a lot of good practice fish posted by pros, so I suspect they are going to catch 'em well. Of course, every FLW Tour event is important to the points story line because there are only six events. By the end of the weekend, the season will be 1/3 over.

Both organizations do a good job of providing live coverage of their events. For FLW, I tend to like their Twitter feed best. For B.A.S.S., I go straight to their website and follow the event's blog and/or BASStrakk results. Look for yourself, though, to see which feeds suit you best.

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