Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kenneth & Barbie

As I suspect is prone to happen occasionally in homes where children reside, someone at my house recently decided that a Barbie doll needed a haircut. Actually, I think it was a Barbie head that had lost it's body. Either way, the haircut resulted in a nice little cluster of straight, black synthetic hair strands, and it wasn't long before Barbie's clippings were in a little bag on my tying table.

I've played with a few designs with different lengths of Barbie's hair, buy my favorite so far combined it with a cluster of fur from our dog Kenneth, along it a few peacock quills and a bit of peacock dubbing. Barbie's hair, which I cut to a about twice the length of Kenneth's fur, is in the middle. Kenneth's contribution is frizzy, so it flares nicely around the straight tail. I haven't seen the Kenneth & Barbie bug in the water yet, but I like the way it looks in the vice.

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