Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Final Days For Delayed Harvest

Only to days remain in the "delay" period for the 26 North Carolina streams and small lakes that are managed as Delayed Harvest waters. Only single-hook artificial lures may be used or possessed and all fish must be released on these waters through 1/2 hour after sunset on Friday, June 1. Starting Saturday morning, the same waters revert to general regulations, with natural bait and a harvest of fish both permitted.

Late May days tend to produce some of the best action of the year on these waters for anglers who enjoy catch-and-release trout fishing. Fish abundance is high, and the trout typically are aggressive. Fly fishermen do well with attractor dry fly/nymph combinations. Spin-fishermen do well with fast moving reaction baits like Rebel Teeny Wee Craws or flashy in-line spinners.

Of course if you like really fast action, want a limit fish to take home and don't mind the crowds, you'll want to be bank-side on the same streams when they open to the harvest on Saturday morning, 1/2 hour before sunrise.

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