Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Take Someone Fishing Next Week

The best time to share your love for fishing with someone else is any time you get the opportunity to do so. That truth acknowledged, June 2-10 is National Boating & Fishing Week, and within that week, most states offer at least one Free Fishing Day. A little thing like a waived license fee for a day might be just enough incentive for a co-worker and his family to join you an a nearby lake or stream for an afternoon.

If you do get the opportunity to take someone fishing who normally does not spend much time on the water, think simple. Just like when you take a child for the first time, think about low-effort high-reward destinations such as park ponds where you can fish from the shore or a johnboat with bait or use simple, cast-and-crank lures and enjoy a fairly decent chance of catching at lest a few fish. And those fish don't have to be big to add a lot of fun to an outing.

Also remember that folks who don't normally fish might run out of steam way before you would and may want to go do something else. If you want them to leave with a favorable attention and a desire to try some more fishing, be alert for any hints that it's time to call it a day.

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