Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fishing in Georgia?

Maybe the question I hear the most frequently when I travel is how fishing has been in Georgia. Ironically, that's a question I often cannot answer - at least not from my own experience. The flipside of getting to fish in so many great places and in different parts of the country is that most of the work days I can afford to spend away from the computer get filled on trips to other places.

I do a fair number of quick, in-town pond trips with my children, and I do slip out to a North Georgia trout stream when I get the opportunity. I also try to pay attention to reports and weather conditions, so I do have an idea about what is being caught from waters close to home. Still, I've spent significantly more time fishing in Minnesota and in Arkansas than in Georgia this year.

Of course, I have no travel plans for the next couple of months, and I don't intend to add any. Our next child (Holly) is due in mid-July, so I am going to stay close to home all summer. Most of my time will be spent with my family or working at my computer, but after Holly has been born, I probably will take a few more day trips than I normally find the chance to take. Therefore when I start traveling again and people ask how fishing has been in Georgia, I might actually be able to offer a good answer!

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