Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elite Series Competition Turning North

Kansas pro Brent Chapman leads the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year race after six events. B.A.S.S. photo by Gary Tramontina.

The Elite Series Mississippi River Rumble begins tomorrow morning out of La Crosse, Wisconsin. The four-day event is the first of three on northern waters that collectively will wrap up the 2012 season. Next week, the pros will fish out of Green Bay. Then, following nearly two months off, they will wrap up the regular season on New York's Lake Oneida.

The pros have 66 miles of the Mississippi in three pools to fish this week. This La Crosse section of the river has extensive backwaters, which are expected to be very important in the tournament. Water levels, which can change daily on the big river, will play a huge part in determining the patterns that prevail.

The three northern events represent 1/3 of the schedule, so it will be interesting to see how points races continue to take shape. Brent Chapman currently leads the Angler of the Year Race, while Brandon Card leads the Rookie of the Year.

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