Thursday, June 21, 2012


Summer has been slow to fully set in this year, and we've enjoyed quite a bit of surprisingly spring-like weather for this late in June. The past couple have days have gotten pretty warm, though, and the 10-day forecast shows all highs in the upper 80s, with only slight rain chances. That might not sound hot, depending on where you call home, but in our part of North Georgia, that is a genuine summer forecast.

Recent pond trips also suggest that summer has truly arrived. The past few laps Nathaniel has taken around the edges of the pond have yielded only a few fish, although a friend did catch a very nice bluegill from Nathaniel's boat earlier this week. It's probably time to try some vertical stuff like we did during the winter. I believe the fish in the ponds that we most often fish largely abandon the banks and seek thermal refuge in a little deeper water this time of year. Strange as it sounds, it might be time to pull out the ice spoons!

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