Saturday, July 7, 2012

ICAST Preview: Square Lip Fat Free Shad

"What if you..?"

Lure manufacturers hear countless questions that begin with those three words as pro staffers and customers dream about variations of existing lures that would do something a little bit different.

Occasionally such a question makes too much sense to not create a bait that provides the answer."What if you combined the deflective values of a square-lipped crankbait with the shape and swimming action of a Bomber Fat Free Shad?"

Meet the Square Lip Fat Free Shad, which will be introduced in two sizes and eight colors at the ICAST show in Orlando next week. In most ways, this is the same Fat Free Shad that changed the crankbait world forever when Mark Davis used one to win the 1995 Bassmaster Classic. The main difference is a squared-off diving lip, which allows this Fat Free Shad to walk through brush or rocks 10 feet beneath the surface. The square-lipped version is also weighted to swim slightly nose down for the same purpose. That helps the lip and not the hooks to hit snaggy cover first.

This new Fat Free Shad will allow you to crank those classic spots where offshore structure and cover meet: thick brush on a point, a rockpile atop a hump, laydown branches at the edge of a channel...  Stuff you only used to be able to fish with worms or other weedless offerings.

I'm looking forward to putting the Square Lip Fat Free Shad to work some time soon!

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