Friday, July 6, 2012

New Spin on Multi-Lure Rigs

Typically at the ICAST show, several new-product trends emerge: hollow-bodied swimbaits, micro eyes on rods, a new material for waders, better-equipped fishing kayaks, square-lipped crankbaits... Something that has been hot or has shown signs of getting hot typically draws multiple manufacturers to develop some version of a certain style of product or something that goes with that type of product.

Anyone who follows the fishing business at all knows that one major trend at this year's show will be multi-lure rigs and all sorts of stuff to go with them. Following the trend started by Alabama Rigs on the bass tournament trails last fall, there will be many types of multi-lure rigs for fresh and salt water alike, rods designed for casting and presenting such rigs, baits made specifically to go on the ends of the wires, specialized boxes and wraps for storing them...

YUM, which quickly emerged as a leader in this category with the YUMbrella rig, is introducing an entire line of multi-lure offerings under the collective dubbing of Bait School Technology.

One of the coolest offerings in this line, from my perspective, is the Flash Mob Jr. As the Jr. part of the name suggests, it is downsized from the original YUMbrella rig and can be cast on most fishing gear. The flash part is what sets is apart, though. Four spinnerbait blades positioned halfway down the arms create a bunch of attention-getting flash just ahead of the grubs or swimbait bodies or whatever you choose to put on the jigheads.

The folks in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where YUM Bait Company is headquartered, have been had huge fun testing the Flash Mob Jr. and the results have been seriously good!

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