Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Evening Forays

The last two Saturday evenings have found the boys and I at a nearby pond for the last hour or two of the day, and I sort of feel like we might find our way there again before today is over. A simple final-hour outing puts a nice cap on a hot Saturday spent mostly at home.

We keep it super simple, carrying only a few rods and very little spare tackle. We make a few casts from the dock, flip Nathaniel's johnboat, slip it in the pond and make one or two laps around the perimeter, fishing until dark.

Both recent evening forays have yielded good action. Two weeks ago we caught all bass, with most of them hitting topwater lures. Last week's trip yielded a mix of bass and bream, with a handful of lures yielding at least one fish. Last week's most productive lure was a Lindy Watsit Grub rigged on little spinner harness.

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