Sunday, July 15, 2012

Slower Saturday Evening

Should have brought a fly rod, I suppose. The bite last night was much slower than it has been for the past two Saturdays, with Nathaniel, Asher and I each catching only one fish in our final-hour Saturday outing. Fish were out in the middle of the pond, sipping tiny insects from the surface from the time we arrived until dark, so I think they had bugs on the brain.

We couldn't tell if it was a mix of bream and bass or all bream, but since the bass weren't on the banks hitting the offerings that normally produce well, I'm quite certain most of the fish on the pond were keyed in on the bug diet. At least one other time, a summer or two ago, the water almost seemed like it was boiling with fish feeding on the surface and we couldn't draw a sniff with our normal lures.

If we get back out to the pond some evening soon (which we probably will), I'll definitely bring a fly rod and some tiny dry flies and nymphs so I can test the theory.

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