Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brown Trout 401

Spending a day on the White River in Donald Cranor's boat is like taking a 400 level class in brown trout behavior, and Nathaniel and I sure enjoyed our day in Cranor's classroom. Many anglers consider low water one of the most challenging levels for White River browns, but Cranor has learned what the fish do on every water level, and he devises his plan according to whatever water will be flowing, along with other conditions that can impact the fish's locations and behavior. High skies and water that was dropping during the morning also impacted Cranor's planning for today. Whatever he figured, he figured right because we caught a bunch of high-quality brown trout. We also caught more than our share of rainbows, including some fat and beautiful fish, but Cranor sort of likes to pretend the stocker rainbows don't exist.

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