Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dry Run Delight

After a bit of a break for lunch, we're back to the stream, and Nathaniel is trying to coax a bite from a big one with an XCalibur Twitch Bait. Dry Run Creek has some seriously big trout in it, and a few have given chase already.
A special regs stream that's open only to youth and disabled anglers only for catch and release fishing with single-hook barbless hooks, Dry Run is an absolute gem for young anglers. It stays loaded with trout, including a bunch of big ones.
Nathaniel loves to fish here, and I value the opportunity to gather a lot of trout photos.
The fish wouldn't quite commit to the Twitch Bait, so he's back to throwing a Watsit Grub. Oh! Trout on. I'd better run!

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