Friday, September 28, 2012

Day of Discovery

Today was Breakout Day at the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association conference in Johnson City, Tenn. Breakout, which was held at Winged Deer Park on Boone Lake, provides a dedicated time at each year's conference when product manufacturers who can show off all that's cool and new with the communicators in attendance and the writers and manufacturers can get to know one another better. Some companies simply have products on display. Others, like the folks from Hobie, provides hands on (or feet on) opportunities to try out various products and see how they work. Chevrolet and Nissan, both supporting members of SEOPA, even had cars and trucks to test drive. Breakout is always fun and provides great opportunities to gather story content.

Tomorrow is Shooting Day, which has similar elements but is specific to the shooting side of the industry and of course held at a shooting range. Nathaniel and I are looking forward to plenty of opportunities to learn and to play at Shooting Day.

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